I Can See Clearly Now Fundraising Dinner 27 November 2014
Time : 7 pm
Venue : Mega Star Arena,Kuchai Lama
Phone : 03-9101 5857
Do you remember when you were young and you had problems with your vision and could not read the blackboard (now whiteboard) clearly? Perhaps you are part of the lucky ones who had 20/20 vision, but from last 3 years of carrying out the “ I Can See Clearly Now Project“, we found that the 18,720 primary school students we conducted the eye screening on, close to 20% of them (3,741) needed corrective vision. A total of 74 schools were involved and a total of RM 242,411 have been contributed to help the needy students.
” I Can See Clearly Now” is a nationwide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program initiated by Magnum Corporation (Magnum) to help provide eye-checks for school children and spectacles for needy. Magnum employees have been the Major force in promoting and implementing the Project across the country with carry out the following key tasks:
  1. Identify the Primary Schools to carry out the eye screening;
  2. Raise Funds to help the students who cannot afford the spectacles. Seed Money provided by Magnum;
  3. Identify an Optical Partner to work with to help in the eye screening;
  4. Carry out the eye screening test in the schools;
  5. Donate the spectacles to those students who cannot afford them; and
  6. Bring awareness of proper eye care habits to all the school children in the school.
Together with the support from our like-minded & kind-hearted business associates, we will be able to put up a night of great and fun-filled entertainment together with delicious and mouth watering food for your enjoyment.
If you interested to buy table to support the programme, kindly contact Ms. Han Xing at +6016- 2411 199 or +603- 9101 5857.
Thank you for your support.